Why the happi brush?

  • 360° Clean

    Thousands of individual silicone bristles provide an omnidirectional brushing method ensuring all teeth are cleaned at once.

  • Efficient

    The 360° clean ensures bacteria is eliminated in under 45 seconds, providing you a time saving oral care method!

  • BASS Cleaning Method

    The Happi Brushes utilise the BASS brushing technique approved by dentists all around the world, available for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home!

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Just For Kids..

Who doesn’t love their kids, it’s a parent’s greatest joy! But after talking to many parents we’ve identified one common problem.. The struggle they face with their kid's brush time!

Statistics show:

✔️3-5year olds only brush 25% of the surface of their teeth

✔️8-14year olds brush just 50% of the surface of their teeth

✔️34.2% of kids aged 3-15 only brush their teeth once a day

The Kid’s Happi Brush is can assist with eliminating bacteria in JUST 30 seconds! Providing kids a fun & effective smart toothbrush, that will have them wanting to brush their teeth morning and night!

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Innovative Design

The Happi Brushes are designed to adapt to every tooth row with an omnidirectional brushing technique that reaches all surfaces of the teeth, compatible with even braces.

The flexible silicone bristles ensure the teeth acquire no abrasion we often experience with nylon bristles, whilst reaching those hard to reach spots.

Adult's Oral Care!

Enjoy a healthy bright smile for a confident you! Revolutionise your oral care with this 360° electric smart brush, utilising the Bass Technique recommended by world class dentists.

Reach bacteria in JUST 45 seconds, whilst enjoying a bright white smile with the safest Cold Light Whitening Technique!

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Convenient. Simple. Effective.

What our customers think..

  • After using the Happi Brush after 4 days my teeth feel surprisingly cleaner! Feeling extremely smooth, like the feeling you get when you leave the dentist. I would highly recommend!
    - Y. Gena
  • Great convenience with the handsfree option, however not as effective as I would have liked!
    - E. Romanetti
  • Easy to use with detachable toothbrush head! Offers simplicity and convenience!
    - A. Rowes
  • Daughter uses with her braces and says it has worked extremely well and better than a normal toothbrush!
    - L. Peel
  • Cleaned my teeth well and offered whitening benefits after a few treatments! Only downfall was it's shipping time took a little longer but worth the wait!
    - T. Fennem